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I have stepped down as Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Mathematics. Queries about the graduate programs in Mathematics which are not adequately answerd on the Math Graduate Program web page and pages linked from it should be in the first instance addressed to to the Graduate Studies Adminstrative Assistant at math@math.ksu.edu. Questions she cannot field should be addressed to our new Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Sarah Reznikoff at sarahrez@math.ksu.edu.

My office office is Cardwell Hall 206. Office hours are by appointment.

My office phone is (785) 532-0590.

During Spring 2016 I am on sabbatical and am a Visting Researcher at the University of Sheffield, School of Mathematics and Statistics. The most effective way to reach me is via e-mail to dyetter@math.ksu.edu.

A selection of my papers can be found at ResearchGate (the David Yetter - Publications page)

Color versions of the figures for the paper "On Algebraic Structures Implicit in Toplogical Quantum Field Theories" which appeared in the Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications are available as promised in the published article.

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Besides conducting research in quantum topology, deformation theory, and related matters, teaching various math courses, and serving on University and departmental committees, I also serve the K-State community as the faculty advisor to the K-State Orthodox Christian Fellowship and webmaster for a site containing its homepage, and those of its host church, the St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Christian Chapel, and most of the Orthodox parishes, missions and chapels in Kansas outside the KC and Wichita metro areas. Visit it!

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I also maintain an "Outside the University Homepage" for things which won't fit here either because it would be silly to include them or because of some State of Kansas or K-State regulation.

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