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Department of Mathematics

Center for Quantitative Education

At the Q-Center, we believe in teaching mathematics as a language. Students need to learn the grammar and vocabulary of mathematics, skills like the ability to solve particular equations. Beyond that, they need to learn to use this language to successfully interpret the world in their chosen profession. Finally, learning this language should provide an insight into new ways of thinking, and students should gain a cultural understanding of how mathematics fits into the world.

The Q-Center was formally established in January 2006 with the initial charge to:

  • make College Algebra a modern, technologically rich course where more students are successful and satisfied,
  • pursue extramural funding and continue a research program on undergraduate education in quantitative disciplines with an emphasis on the effective use of technology,
  • maintain an outreach program to share our work with K-12 schools to help them better prepare students.

Various graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members from the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction that are associated with the Q-Center receive support from the following grants:

  • Research on the Use of Visual Cueing and Feedback to Facilitate Problem Solving (joint with the Department of Physics and the Department of Psychology), National Science Foundation Core R&D Program, $1,233,900
  • Preparing Preservice Mathematics Teachers for the Challenges of High-Need Schools, National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, $1,193,061
  • Kansas Can Excel in Math and Science Project (joint with the University of St. Mary), Kansas State Department of Education Math and Science Partnership Grant, $535,253
  • Achieving the Vision of Excellent Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Kansas State Department of Education Math and Science Partnership Grant, $450,000
  • Bridging Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency in Mathematics, Kansas Board of Regents Improving Teacher Quality Grant, $195,585