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Department of Mathematics

I-Center Undergraduate Scholars

With the support of the Brent P. Smith Memorial Endowment for Mathematics Enrichment, and the Evan Stewart Endowment for the Enrichment of Mathematics, the I-Center awards grants to undergraduate students to fund research projects under the supervision of faculty or postdoctoral fellows. These student grant recipients are designated as I-Center Undergraduate Scholars.

At the national level, I-Center scholars have obtained prestigious awards including four Goldwater scholarships, a Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship, an NSF Graduate Fellowship, a Department of Defense SMART Scholarship, a Fulbright fellowship, and an Honorable Mention in connection with the Alice T. Shafer Prize for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics. At the K-State level, the first three annual University Awards for Distinguished Undergraduate Student in Research have been given to I-Center Scholars (2007-08-09).