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Department of Mathematics

2016-2017 Scholars

  • Dewey Molenda, Compression Techniques in Digital Image Processing
    Graduate Student Mentor: Joshua Brummer and Alex Thomson
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Virginia Naibo
    Project Support: NSF Grant
  • Aaron Messerla
    Faculty Mentor:
    Dr. Gabriel Kerr
  • Denisse Dominguez, Understanding Mathematical Concepts
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Auckly
    Project Support: Developing Scholars
  • Tyler Aden, A Computational Approach to the Enumeration of G-Parking Functions
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Benson
    Project Support: K-State Computer Science Department
  • Maria Fernanda De La Torre, Computer Science on Machine Learning
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Hsu
    Project Support: Developing Scholars and OURCI
  • Demond Handley, Mathematical Modelling - Skin Permeability and Absorption
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Majid Jaberi-Douraki
    Project Support: McNair Scholarship