Kansas State Mathematics Department

Center for the Integration of Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Research

Undergraduate Research Seminar

A group of undergraduate students, veterans in undergraduate research with the I-Center, and active Math Club members, have created 
the undergraduate student research seminar. This seminar is closely connected with the I-Center and the Math Club. It will be
organized and coordinated by students, along the pattern of the graduate student research seminar. It will provide a venue for
undergraduates to talk to each other about their research and upcoming opportunities, share resources and experiences, practice
presentations for conferences, and altogether pass along their skills to the next generation of students as they graduate and
move on with their math. Melissa Coates, and Vance Gaffar are organizing this, and are contacts for inquiries.
Dave Auckly as Math Club adviser and Marianne Korten for the I-Center will be around often,
everybody is welcome to come!