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 Central States Math Undergraduate Research 2017

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April 7-8, 2017   

* Please register by 3/27* (instructions in the registration link).
Housing: visit the lodging link for deadline for reservations, phone number, etc.

Featured Speakers:

Fabio Augusto Milner, Arizona State University, mbi

 "The Mathematics of Sex, Marriage and Disease"

A historical perspective of demographic, epidemic, and immunological models will be presented, from the simplest, unstructured, exponential growth models, to state-of-the-art, age- and sex-structured ones with logistic growth. The marriage problem in demography will be described and examples using real-life data will be used to apply models to population forecasting. Finally, some examples of application of these models to viral infection and epidemic forecasting will be shown, to childhood and to sexually transmitted diseases.

Thomas Kerler, Ohio State University

"Representing Poincaré's Sphere"

An n-manifold is a space that looks like n-dimensional Euclidean space nearby but
which may take different shapes in "the large".  We introduce various basic notions
and techniques how such spaces can be represented in low dimensions.
The Poincaré Homology Sphere (which is not a sphere) is famous, among other
things, for admitting particularly many different types of presentations. We will
explain several of these presentations, sketch some of their connections, and
discuss some of the history of Poincaré's Sphere.


We have time slots for 20-24 undergraduate speakers. Talks will be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions, each. The conference will take place on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, KS, April 7-8, 2017 (Friday afternoon and Saturday).

In addition to the talks by undergraduates, we plan to have a panel on graduate school, a panel on semester and summer long off-campus programs
(REUs, MASS, Moscow, Budapest, NSF Graduate Fellowship), and time set aside to interact with visiting  graduate directors from universities in the region. We gratefully acknowledge support for one of our keynote speakers from the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (mbi).

The KSU Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon chapters assist in the organization of the meeting.

It is our hope to achieve a fair representation of women, minorities, and first-generation college students. We particularly encourage female and minority students to participate in CeSMUR 2017.
As a event in cooperation with AWM, CeSMUR
supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Inquiries or registration: E-mail cesmur@math.ksu.edu. There will be no registration fee and we have negotiated special rates at nearby hotels. We are applying for funding from the National Science Foundation to cover travel and lodging expenses of speakers.

David Garth, TSU
Wayne Johnson, TSU
Marianne Korten, KSU
Sarah Reznikoff, KSU
Pamela Ryan, TSU
Alexandra Seceleanu, UNL
Daniel Toundukov, UNL
David Yetter, KSU

Contact Information: marianne@math.ksu.edu
This conference is supported the KSU Mathematics Department through the Isidore and Hilda Dressler Endowment for the Enrichment of Mathematics, and organized in cooperation with AWM. 

The Central States Math Undergraduate Research conference is a joint project of the Departments of Mathematics of  Kansas State University, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and Truman State University.

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