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Department of Mathematics

  • Math 506: Introduction to Number Theory
    • Offered each spring
    • Topics include: divisibility properties of integers, prime numbers, congruences, and multiplicative functions
  • Math 706-707: Theory of Numbers
    • Offered each fall and spring
    • Topics include: divisibility, congruences, multiplicative functions, number theory from an algebraic viewpoint, quadratic reciprocity, Diophantine equations, and prime numbers
  • Math 830: Algebraic Number Theory
    • Offered in the spring of even-numbered years
    • Topics include: lattice theory, geometry of numbers, algebraic number fields, Dedekind domains, discrete valuation rings, ideal class groups, group units, cyclotomic fields, and Galois extensions
  • Math 831: Analytic Number Theory
    • Offered in the spring of odd-numbered years
    • Potential topics include: the prime number theorem, characters, L-functions, Diophantine problems, exponential sums, p-adic analysis, Diophantine approximations, sieve methods, and the circle method
  • Math 997: Topics in Number Theory
    • Spring 2018: Modular Forms (Höhn)
    • Spring 2016: Diophantine Inequalities (Spencer)
    • Fall 2013: The Circle Method (Spencer)
    • Fall 2012: Discrepancy Theory (Spencer)
    • Spring 2012: Arithmetic Combinatorics (Hart)
    • Fall 2011: p-adic Numbers and Mahler Measure (Pinner)
    • Fall 2010: Arithmetic Combinatorics (Spencer)
    • Spring 2009: Introduction to Transcendence (Garza)
    • Spring 2008: Elliptic Curves (Paulhus)