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Department of Mathematics

Analysis Seminar - Fall 2018

Tuesdays 3:30pm-4:20pm in CW 120 (unless otherwise noted)
Organizer: Lizaveta Ihnatsyeva (ihnatsyeva@math.ksu.edu)

Tuesday, September 4

  • Pietro Poggi-Corradini, Kansas State University.

Title: A new proof of the Rickman-Picard theorem

Abstract: We give a new, conceptually simple proof of the Rickman-Picard theorem for quasiregular maps. The original Rickman proof used modulus of curve families, later Eremenko and Lewis found proofs based on potential theory. Our approach is in this latter vein. Joint with M. Bonk.

Tuesday, October 16

  • Jose Luis Luna Garcia, University of Missouri-Columbia

Title: Solvability of elliptic equations with lower order terms

Abstract: The study of boundary value problems for purely second order elliptic equations in the upper half space or a Lipschitz domain has a long and celebrated history. In this talk we will focus on generalizing well-posedness of the standard Boundary Value Problems (i.e. Dirichlet, Neumann and Regularity), in the upper half space, to equations with lower order terms (drift terms and a potential). Our results state roughly that, if the lower order terms are sufficiently small in a critical Lebesgue space norm, then the well-posedness (appropriately defined) of these Boundary Value Problems is inherited from the corresponding property for the purely second order equation.

Tuesday, October 23

Tuesday, October 30

Tuesday, November 6

Tuesday, November 13

Tuesday, November 20

  • No seminar , Thanksgiving break

Tuesday, November 27

Tuesday, December 4



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