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Department of Mathematics

Analysis Research Group


Bacim Alali
Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Partial Differential Equations

Nathan Albin
Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Partial Differential Equations

Andrew Bennett
Harmonic Analysis, Probability Theory, Mathematics Education, Data Mining

Ivan Blank
Partial Differential Equations, Free Boundary Problems

Tanya Firsova
Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Several Complex Variables and Analytic Spaces

Hrant Hakobyan
Conformal/Quasiconformal Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory

Lizaveta Ihnatsyeva
Functional analysis, Differential geometry, Measure and integration

Majid Jaberi
Modeling of Biological and Epidemiological Sciences, Dynamical Systems, Control Theory, Numerical Analysis

Marianne Korten
Nonlinear PDEs, degenerate diffusions, free boundary problems

Diego Maldonado
Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis

Gabriel Nagy
Operator Algebras, Functional Analysis

Virginia Naibo
Fourier Analysis, Partial Differential Equations

Dinh-Liem Nguyen
Inverse Problems and Imaging, Scattering Theory and Scientific Computation

Pietro Poggi-Corradini
Network Theory, Complex Analysis, Iteration and Geometric Function Theory

Sarah Reznikoff
Operator Algebras, Symbolic Dynamics

Dan Volok
Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis, Operator Theory

Anna Zemlyanova
Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Complex Analysis

Ph.D Students

Niles Armstrong (Advisor: Blank)

Tahmineh Azizi (Advisor: Majid Jaberi)

Negar Orangi Fard (Advisors: Albin and Poggi-Corradini)

Arash Goligerdain (Advisor: Majid Jaberi)

Jared Hoppis (Advisor: Poggi-Corradini)

Anna Melikyan (Advisor: Poggi-Corradini)

Prem Raj Prasain (Advisor: Albin)

Min Ranabhat (Advisor: Maldonado)

Alexander Thomson (Advisor: Naibo)


We also typically have several students earning Master's degrees by writing theses advised by analysts.


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