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 Prairie Analysis Seminar 2007



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Location and Dates:

Department of Mathematics
Kansas State University
Manhattan, Kansas
November 2-3, 2007

Principal Lecturer:

Luis Caffarelli

University of Texas at Austin

Title: Fully non linear equations with integral diffusions

Abstract:  Fully non linear equations arise in optimal control (Hamilton Jacobi equations) when we are allowed to choose in each step the best diffusion to fit our purpose, and in Game Theory (Isaac 's equation) when competing players alternatively choose their most convenient diffusion.
There is a rather complete theory in the case in which the underlying diffusions are continuous (Wiener processes).
We will describe recent work (with L. Silvestre) where a parallel theory is develop for discontinuous (Levy) processes.
A preprint is available at arXiv.org


Invited Speakers:

Antoine Mellet

University of British Columbia

Title: Hele-Shaw flows and obstacle problems: Application to random homogenization.

Abstract: It is a well-known fact that Hele-Shaw and Stefan free boundary problems can be formally formulated as obstacle problems via an integration in time. Using the notion of viscosity solutions, we make this connection more rigorous. We then deduce some results on the periodic and random homogenization of Hele-Shaw type free boundary problems, when oscillations arise along the free boundary.


Daniel Phillips

Purdue University

Title: Modeling and stability for bent-core liquid crystal molecules

Abstract: We investigate a model for drawn fibers made up of cylindrical, smectic layers of banana-shaped liquid crystal molecules. The molecular shape induces both a spontaneous polarization and a distinctive effect on layer density. These features lead to a model that predicts stable fiber formation. We cast the model as a free boundary problem for the fiber's cross-section and
analyze its solutions. This is joint work with P.Bauman.

Contributed Talks:

There will be time allocated for short contributed talks by participants. Priority will be given to graduate students and those in early stages of their carriers. Participants interested in given a contributed talk and/or receiving financial support should visit the registration page.


Estela A. Gavosto, KU
Marianne Korten, KSU
Diego Maldonado, KSU
Charles Moore, KSU
Virginia Naibo, KSU
Rodolfo H. Torres, KU

Contact Information:


This conference is supported
by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and by the KSU Mathematics Department through the Isidore and Hilda Dressler Endowment for the Enrichment of Mathematics. 

The Prairie Analysis Seminar is a joint project of the Department of Mathematics of  Kansas State University  and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Kansas.


The picture of the Kansas Prairie is a courtesy of the Kansas Geological Survey.