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March 2018 : USA Math Kangaroo Competition hosted by Math department
On March 15, the Department of Mathematics and the Math Circle Seminar hosted the USA Math Kangaroo Competition. Over 50 school-age students participated in this year's event hosted on the campus of KState University. In the US, about 30,000 students participated in Math Kangaroo 2018. This is the third time that KState has hosted this competition.

The event was brought to Manhattan Kansas by Mathematics Graduate students and PhD candidates Lydia de Wolf, and Vincent Newberry; by Mathematics Visiting Assistant Professor Vorrapan Chandee; and by Mathematics Professors Rina Anno, Natasha Rozhkovskaya and Liem Dinh Nguyen. Special thanks are reserved for our staff member Tina Anderson (Graduate Program) for her help and heroic efforts to get everything ready for the event on time.

The questions in the competition were chosen by the International Math Kangaroo Committee. There are 12 levels corresponding to each grade. The Mission of the competition is to encourage students to master their mathematical knowledge; to give them confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics; to help them understand how mathematics applies in the laws of nature and in human activities; to develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through intellectual life; and to show that mathematical education is significant in every part of the world. The results of the competition will be divulged in a couple of months.

From the left: Natasha Rozhkovskaya, Rina Anno, Vorrapan Chandee, Lydia de Wolf, Vincent Newberry, Liem Dinh Nguyen.