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February 2018 : Nethali Fernando finalist in the Three Minute Thesis competition
On February 13, the Graduate School held preliminary competitions (heats) for the annual KState Three Minute Thesis competition. Mathematics graduate student Nethali Fernando was one of 8 presenters (out of 36) that were chosen to compete in the final event. The final competition is free and open to the public, and will take place on February 27 at 5:30pm in the Alumni Center Ballroom. Congratulations are in order!

Nethali Fernando, originally from Sri Lanka, is pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics. She is a member of the NODE interdisciplinary group on campus lead by Professors Albin and Poggi-Corradini in Mathematics and Professor Scoglio in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Nethali is studying novel metrics on networks that arise from the concept of modulus, which is a new way to measure families of objects on graphs, originally invented in the field of Mathematical Analysis, specifically Complex Analysis.

Here are the results of the heat competion:

  • Heat 1:
    • Gabriela Magossi, MS in Food Science, From dust to dinner: Salmonella in feed mills
    • Thiwanka Fernando, PhD in Mathematics, Going from “a” to “b”
  • Heat 2:
    • Catherine Steele, PhD in Psychology, Diet-induced impulsivity
    • Sam Sharpe, PhD in Biology, Thinking like a thirsty plant
  • Heat 3:
    • Tennecia Dacass, PhD in Economics, Intergenerational effects of mass incarceration
    • Rachel Wilkins, MS in Entomology, Feeding the world by implementing robust management programs for insects pests after crop harvest
  • Heat 4:
    • Dave Hoffman, PhD in Counseling and Student Development, Purple stride: Prospective engineering students and first year retention
    • Vinicius Perin, MS in Agronomy, Nitrogen Fertilizer: When to Apply Urea?