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October 2017 : Dave Auckly receives an NSF INCLUDES grant
Dave Auckly received a $300,000 grant from the NSF to help him expand the Navajo Nation Math Circles project to mirror sites that will serve larger populations. This expansion will start with the creation of a similar program in Washington State. Elements of the program include facilitation of open-ended group math explorations, incorporating indigenous knowledge systems; a mathematical visitor program sending mathematicians to schools to work with students and their teachers; inclusion of mathematics in public festivals to increase community mathematical awareness; a two-week summer math camp for students; and teacher development opportunities ranging from workshops to immersion experiences to a mentoring program pairing teachers with mathematicians.

Navajo Nation Math Circles was featured in the documentary "Navajo Math Circles," which aired nationwide in September 2016 on the Public Broadcasting System. Some of the project activities will appear in a book in the American Mathematical Society-Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Math Circles Library.

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