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October 2017 : Sickweather CEO Graham Dodge to visit KState
The NODE group at KState has invited Graham Dodge, Co-Founder and CEO of the popular Sickweather app, to visit Kansas State University on Friday October 13. Akin to a weather app that warns people about impending bad weather, the Sickweather app scans social networks for indicators of illnesses. "Every day millions of people update social media and health apps with reports about their health or the health of their loved ones," Dodge says. "Likewise, purchasing habits of over the counter medications are revealing how people diagnose and treat their own symptoms. As researchers develop new methods to collect and filter these reports, and turn them into real-time insights for disease surveillance, these novel data are increasingly used to forecast epidemics weeks and months into the future", Graham Dodge adds. As part of the day's activities, Dodge will give a talk titled "Predicting Disease Outbreaks with Novel Data" at 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm which will take place in Engineering Hall 1109.

The NODE group is an interdisciplinary effort of the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, supported by NSF Grant DMS 1515810 p-Modulus on Networks with Applications to the Study of Epidemics. NODE which stands for Network Optimization, Design and Exploration, was created by Professors Nathan Albin and Pietro Poggi-Corradini in Math and Professor Caterina Scoglio in ECE. It also includes Professor Michael Higgins from Statistics and Professor Doina Caragea from Computer Science, and comprises dozens of graduate students in all four departments, as well as some undergraduate students involved in on-campus research experiences.