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August 2017 : Dinh-Liem Nguyen New Faculty Hire in Applied Mathematics
The Department of Mathematics welcomes assistant professor Dinh-Liem Nguyen. After receiving his PhD in Mathematics from École Polytechnique in France, Dinh-Liem did a postdoc at University of Michigan, and more recently, at University of North Carolina Charlotte. His research area lies at the intersection of inverse problems and imaging, scattering theory and scientific computing. "The field of inverse problems has been one of the fastest growing areas in applied mathematics in the past two decades," Nguyen says. "I am currently working on efficient inversion methods for the inverse problems in scattering theory," he adds. "It is well-known that these inverse problems can be highly nonlinear and ill-posed, which poses substantial challenges in studying their inversion methods." Professor Nguyen is also interested in well-posedness questions and the numerical solution of the forward problems in scattering and wave propagation.