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June 2017 : Two K-State teams compete in the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Two K-State teams competed in the 2017 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). This is an international contest in applied mathematics organized by COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, an award-winning non-profit organization whose mission is to improve mathematics education for students of all ages. Teams of up to three students spend a long weekend working on one of several problems in applied mathematics. In 2017 two teams from Kansas State University competed in this contest: a team composed of Danny Bramucci, Chase Cunningham, and Heather Heier which was given honorable mention; and a second team comprised of Nicholas Donohoue, Aaron Messerla, and Vincent Sylvester.

The team that earned honorable mention (Bramucci, Cunningham and Heier) worked on the following traffic flow problem:

Self-driving, cooperating cars have been proposed as a solution to increase capacity of highways without increasing number of lanes or roads. The behavior of these cars interacting with the existing traffic flow and each other is not well understood at this point. Study this problem and make proposals relevant to Seattle, WA.
The other team (Sylvester, Messerla and Donohoue) addressed the following problem:
Analyze the Kariba Dam with a mathematical model and make recommendations about that might include one of:
  • (Option 1) Repairing the existing Kariba Dam,
  • (Option 2) Rebuilding the existing Kariba Dam, or
  • (Option 3) Removing the Kariba Dam and replacing it with a series of ten to twenty smaller dams along the Zambezi River.
K-State students may take the K-State Mathematical Modeling Seminar and can inquire about participating in the MCM by contacting Professor David Auckly. The next MCM/ICM Contest is scheduled for February 8 - 12, 2018. See here for more information.
Danny Bramucci

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