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May 2017 : K-State team takes first place in Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition
On April 29, 2017, the Kansas State team comprised by students Daniel Bramucci, Nicholas Donohoue and Aaron Messerla, and coached by Professor Gabriel Kerr, took first place in the 12th edition of the Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition. Second place went to the KU team and third place to Fort Hays State. This year's KCMC was held in Lawrence, KS, on the campus of the University of Kansas, in conjunction with the 2017 Kansas MAA Section Meeting. This is a problem-solving contest open to undergraduates from colleges and universities in Kansas. As an example, here is a problem that was given last year: Two points are selected randomly in the interval [0,2]. What is the probability that they are within 1/3 of each other?

Teams for the KCMC may consist of two or three students. Any community college, college, or university in Kansas may send up to two teams. Each team will work together to solve a problem set of about 10 problems. Most of the problems will be accessible to sophomore students and even well-prepared freshmen who have had the calculus sequence, some probability, and some discrete mathematics. Each problem is worth 10 points and will be scored by faculty from participating schools. For full credit on a problem, the answer must be correct and all supporting work must be shown. Calculators are allowed. No books, notes, or other electronic devices may be used during the competition.