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April 2017 : Awards at the 2017 Friends of Mathematics Banquet
On April 13, 2017, The Friends of Mathematics Awards Banquet celebrated and recognized the achievements of mathematics students at Kansas State University and beyond. Honor distinguished alumnus Dr. Larry Nelson (1962 MS in Mathematics from KSU) talked about opportunities for mathematics students and remenisced about his involvment with the Apollo project; and Friends of Mathematics lecturer Dr. Eugenia Cheng (Professor of Mathematics at University of Sheffield and School of the Art Institute of Chicago) shared her thoughts on mathematics, food and graphs.

Aaron Messerla was presented with the Friends of Mathematics Outstanding Senior award; Audrey Chang accepted the William L. Stamey scholarship; Tristan Wells Filbert won the Karl Stromberg memorial scholarship; the Leonard E. Fuller scholarship went to Reid Erdwien; the Thomas L. and Elouise J. Miller scholarship was given to Caleb Cox.

At the graduate level, Nethali Fernando won the Hostinsky Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant in Academics award; Alex Thomson won the Stromberg Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant in Teaching award; Joshua Brummer was awarded the Friends of Mathematics Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Research and Jared Hoppis the Friends of Mathematics Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in Teaching.

At the University-wide level, Dean Chakrabarti presented the William L. Richter International Scholarship to graduate student Nethali Fernando; the William L. Stamey Undergraduate Teaching award to graduate student Jashua Brummer; the William L. Stamey Undergraduate Teaching Award to Professor Craig Spencer; the Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching to professor Craig Spencer; and the Commerce Bank and WT Kemper Foundation Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award to professor Zongzhu Lin.

Also recognized were the winners of the American Mathematics Competitions, the Manhattan Mathematical Olympiad, the S. Thomas Parker Mathematical competition, the I-Center Research scholarships, the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the Trevor and Ali Putnam award, and Fung's Achievement Putnam award.

This year, graduate student Jamie Peabody presented the Outstanding Graduate Faculty Teaching award to professor Gabriel Kerr.