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February 2016 : M-Center signs prestigious collaboration agreements with SwissMAP and IHES

Professor Yan Soibelman, Director of the M-Center in the Department of Mathematics at K-State, announced two high-level international agreements of collaboration: one with SwissMAP in Switzerland, and one with IHES in France.

The M-Center in the Department of Mathematics at Kansas State University supports and promotes research in mathematical questions arising from string theory, in which mirror symmetry and tropical geometry play a central role. International collaboration has been one of its main goals from its inception.

SwissMAP -- The Mathematics of Physics -- is an interdisciplinary research center at the crossroads of mathematics and theoretical physics headed by Fields Medalist Stas Smirnov. One of the goals of SwissMAP is to bring together some of the best mathematicians and mathematical physicists working in Switzerland. Its research network includes University of Zurich, EPFL, University of Bern, and CERN.

IHES -- The Institut des Hautes √Čtudes Scientifiques -- is an institute for advanced research in mathematics, theoretical physics and any other related scientific field. "IHES may be thought of as the French analog of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton", said Professor Soibelman. "The signatories for IHES included its director and Fields Medalist Maxim Kontsevich", he added.

The research agreements with SwissMAP and IHES include mutual collaboration, joint conferences, and mutual visits. "For instance, we have just applied to the Swiss National research agency to fund an international conference in Ascona in 2017", said Prof. Soibelman. "Keeping in mind the reputation of these two institutions, I consider these two agreements as a big success for M-Center," he added. "Typically IHES does not sign agreements with universities or departments. But in the case of M-Center the IHES scientific committee voted in favor of the agreement, based on the level of the research I did with Kontsevich, as well as the level of the M-Center research group, which includes Professors Roman Fedorov, Gabriel Kerr, and Ilia Zharkov.