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North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad at Kansas State University

NACLO is a national  contest for U.S. and Canadian high school students. Contestants compete by solving compelling and creative puzzles in linguistics and computational linguistics. Requiring no previous knowledge of linguistics, languages, or computing, these puzzles can be solved by analytic reasoning alone, and serve as a fun introduction to a  new field of linguistics, cryptography and mathematics. Winners of NACLO are eligible to compete in the International Linguistics Olympiad, one of twelve international high school science Olympiads.

More details at the national NACLO site 

Registration  is here.  Participation is free. Registration for NACLO 2019 opens in Fall 2018 and ends one week before the competition date. 

Handbook. Download rules and other information from  NACLO 2019.

Dates of Competition

Open round takes place  January 24, 2019 - check the NACLO site for the update.Test will take place in the first half of the day and will last for 3 hours. 
Invitational round  for top performers in the open round is    March 7, 2019.

K-State Competition Location

The NACLO open competition is organized by Math Circle Seminar and Math Department of Kansas State University. The site location will be on Manhattan K-State campus. More details on the building,  room and time  - TBA. 

Sample Problems

Practice problems and solutions here.

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