Kansas State Mathematics Department

Graduate students are invited to participate in The Second Graduate Research Conference in Algebra and Representation Theory. The conference will feature two invited lectures given by the world renowned experts. Participants are invited to give a 40-min talk.
          For more information, send email to repconf@math.ksu.edu


          Professor Alexandre Kirillov           (University of Pennsylvania)
          Professor York Sommerhauser      (University of South Alabama)

Main Lectures

Professor Alexandre Kirillov           (University of Pennsylvania)
Apollonian gasket, Descartes Theorem, conformal transformations and Minkowski space

Professor York Sommerhauser      (University of South Alabama)
A survey on the theory of Hopf algebras

Preliminary Schedule

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Anton Lyubinin (Chair, KSU);    Bryan Bischof (KSU);    Francois Petit (KSU);    Ibrahim Saleh (KSU);    Zhaobing Fan (KSU);    Shizhuo Zhang (KSU)


We expect to provide support for travel and accommodation. Financial support will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. During the conference the accomodation will be provided in single rooms of the University housing facilities. Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply for participation.

The conference is supported by NSF grant DMS-0914836


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