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2017 Midwest Geometry Conference


The 2017 Midwest Geometry Conference will take place at Kansas State University November 17 - 19, 2017 with a related colloquium on November 16. The Conference will bring together geometers and geometrical analysists from the Midwest and beyond to share ideas and recent results. Topics represented at the conference may include minimal surfaces, harmonic maps, curvature flows, isometric group actions, spaces with curvature bounded from below and geometric topology will also be represented.

There is some room for contributed talks. Talks on Friday morning will be reserved for graduate students and early career mathematicians. If you wish to contribute a talk send a title and abstract to Dave Auckly dav@ksu.edu Please register if you plan on attending. (Make sure to hit submit.)


Featured Speaker Yuxin Dong

Brian Benson Jeremy LeCrone
Ailana Fraser Yueh-Ju Lin
Xuan Hien Nguyen Tye Lidman
Dan Knopf Tracy Payne
Anusha Krishnan Guofang Wei
Zhiqin Lu Alex Zupan


Dave Auckly
Ivan Blank
Catherine Searle
Shihshu Walter Wei

Partial Support from

National Science Foundation

The Brent Smith Memorial Endowment for Mathematics Enrichment


Dave Auckly

Mathematics Department Cardwell 138                       Kansas State University       Manhattan, Kansas, 66506

In Cooperation with AWM www.awm-math.org. This conference supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the Association for Women in Mathematics.