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Friends of Mathematics Awards Banquet

The Friends of Mathematics Awards Banquet is to celebrate and recognize achievements by mathematics students at Kansas State University during the previous year. Award winners, scholarship recipients, and graduating students are recognized during the program. In addition, there are talks by the honor alum and the Friends of Mathematics lecturer.

FRIENDS OF MATHEMATICS was established as a scholarship fund with the K-State Foundation on November 1, 1968. In the Spring of 1982 Friends of Mathematics expanded in scope to include an alumni-faculty organization dedicated to excellence in mathematics at Kansas State University. The primary mission of Friends of Mathematics is to provide scholarships for outstanding mathematics majors and to fund lectureships from annual alumni-faculty contributions. Since the reorganization in 1982, Friends of Mathematics has been instrumental in raising over $900,000 for the K-State Foundation.

The Department of Mathematics is the recipient of scholarship funds for students from the Dr. Leonard E. Fuller Scholarship Fund, the estate of Dr. L. Aileen Hostinsky, the Kenneth and Maria Rector Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship Fund, the Leonard E. Fuller Scholarship Fund, the Thomas L. and Elouise J. Miller Scholarship Fund, the S. Thomas Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund, Fung's Achievement Award, the Charles Michael and Shannon Kay Richardson Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Karl Stromberg Memorial Scholarship Fund. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences has provided support to Friends of Mathematics from undesignated funds contributed by alumni during the Telefund.

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