Chris Pinner

Department of Mathematics 
Kansas State University

Office: Cardwell 205
Office Phone: (785) 532-0587
Home Phone: (785) 587-9818
Office Hours: (Spring 2015) MWF:12:30 and by appointment.

My research area is Number Theory, with emphasis on polynomial and Mahler measure problems, inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation, and exponential sums.

To the KSU Department of Mathematics

List of Publications (most available in postscript form)

(Some Very Old!) Research Plans (postscript form)

Number Theory Links
Dan Wolczuk's Inhomogeneous Spectrum Calculator
Number Theory Web
Mike Mossinghoff's Homepage (and Lehmer Problem site)
Peter Borwein's Homepage

Current Teaching
Math731 Abstract Algebra II
Math831 Analytic Number Theory

Previous Semesters

Spring 2014

Math 506 Intro to Number Theory

Fall 2013

Math510 Discrete Mathematics
Math512 Intro to Modern Algebra

Spring 2013
Math220 Calc 1 - Lecture Notes
Math831 Analytic Number Theory

Fall 2012

Math510 Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2012
Math 506 Intro to Number Theory
Math221 Calculus II

Fall 2011
Math512 Intro to Modern Algebra
Math997 Topics in Number Theory (p-adic numbers & Mahler Measure)

Old Teaching

Math220 Calculus I (Fall 2009 & Spring 2010)
Math221 Calculus II (Fall 2008)
Math706 Theory of Numbers (Fall 2008)
Math997 Topics in Number theory (Spring 2009)
Math312 Finite Applications of Mathematics (Fall 2003)
Math510 Discrete Math (Fall 2003) & (Summer 2004)(Fall 2006)    &  (Fall 2007)(Fall 2010)
Math100 College Algebra (Spring 2004) & (Spring 2003) &(Spring 2002)  (Fall 2005) &   (Spring 2006)
Math506 Introduction to Number Theory (Spring 2003)   & (Spring 2004)      (Spring 2006)    & Spring 2008 & Spring 2014
Math320 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Spring 2009) (Fall 2002)
Math512 Intro to Modern Algebra (Fall 2005) (Fall 2004)  & (Fa11 2011)

Math730 Abstract Algebra I  & Fall 2009
Math731 Abstract Algebra II & Spring 2010


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