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Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research=SUMaR 2014

   At this time all vacancies for SUMaR 2014 have been filled. We thank you for your interest in our REU. We regret only being able to offer 12 places, given the many interesting and well qualified applications. If your are still eligible next summer, please apply again - a large number of applicants were very early in their math studies. 

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During eight weeks, 12 undergraduate students will have the opportunity to visit K-State and carry out research projects under the mentorship of the mathematics  department's faculty.

This REU encourages applications from students preparing for graduate studies in mathematics, and those from community colleges who might otherwise not have an opportunity to experience mathematics work and consider graduate studies.

Since a subset of the student population we plan to recruit will be early in their studies, and hence expected to have limited experience with mathematical proof, the REU will feature a series of talks by Philosophy faculty Scott Tanona, and Graham Leach-Krouse on epistemology of mathematics and propositional logic.

SUMaR recieves its support from the National Science Foundation. As such, according to NSF regulations, it is only open to US citizens and permanent residents.

- Help students to be independent researchers;
- enhance their understanding of basic mathematics and the areas involved in their own project;
- develop a sense of sound mathematical reasoning;
- create a sense of community among the REU students and our own students and faculty.


SUMaR 2014 Events Calendar for May and June

SUMaR 2014 Events Calendar for July

SUMaR 2014 Closing Conference

The REU will also offer panels on graduate school and how to apply, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) prep workshops, class format lectures will be given on assorted topics of mathematics. Students will meet weekly to discuss progress, culminating in a closing conference in which students present their results.

All of our mentors have experience directing undergraduate research; often, and according to the student's investment, leading to publications, awards, and admission in Group I graduate programs. In the past, most REU students have prepared research papers, many becoming published. A list of papers from our earlier "Brainstorming and Barnstorming" REU can be found here. Results from SUMaR 2010 can be found here. Results from SUMaR 2011 can be found here. Results from SUMaR 2012 can be found here.

If you are a motivated math major, interested in furthering your mathematical education, you should APPLY!

SUMaR will have the following format:

- Each summer's program will have a lead mentor who will give a more extensive series of talks and provide common mathematical activities related to his or her project.
- Enrichment talks by faculty not leading projects and by senior graduate students.
- Workshops on mathematical exposition, typesetting with LaTeX, and use of MATLAB.
- Seminars on applying to graduate school.
- Social activities, including barbeques, outings to the Konza Prairie tallgrass prairie reserve, and Kansas Underground Salt Museum, and shared social activities with the concurrent Physics and Biology REUs and the university-wide Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (SUROP).
- Weekly progress meetings in which students from each project will report briefly on the work done that week. The experience of our colleagues in physics suggests that such weekly meetings
facilitate student success by ensuring that any problems are caught early.
- A student organized ``conference'' during the last two days of the REU at which the participants will present their results.

Participants in SUMaR 2014 will receive room and board, a stipend of $4000, and travel allowance up to $300.

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SUMaR is sponsored by:

National Science Foundation, K-State SUROP, K-State Department of Mathematics.

SUMaR 2014 will start 5/27/2014, and end 7/22/2014