Karl Stromberg Memorial Lectures

Professor Stromberg received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1958. After postdoctoral years at Yale University and the University of Chicago, he joined the faculty at the University of Oregon. In 1968 he was appointed to a professorship at Kansas State University. Under the direction of Professor Stromberg the graduate program at Kansas State University achieved international recognition in harmonic analysis.

The Lecture Series was established by a gift from Salvacion de los Puyos Stromberg on May 1, 1996, to the Kansas State University Foundation. The purpose of the gift is to honor the memory of her beloved husband and esteemed former K-State professor Karl Stromberg, and to provide funds from the interest on the endowment for annual lectures to be given by internationally prominent mathematicians. The lecture series emphasizes mathematics as a foundational discipline for science, commerce, and the arts.

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