Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics

The objectives of this interdisciplinary certificate program focus on providing graduate students of Kansas State University with both fundamental Applied Mathematics training as well as experience in applying this training to relevant problems in science and engineering disciplines. The analytical and computational skills provided by this certificate program form a firm foundation for the careers of graduate students in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and the Sciences by preparing these students to participate in cutting-edge multidisciplinary research projects.

The Certificate in Applied Mathematics is a 12-credit program administered within the Department of Mathematics and through the offices of the Center for the Integration of Undergraduate, Graduate and Postdoctoral Research (I-Center).

Certificate Supervisory Committee:

The interdisciplinary Supervisory Committee for the Graduate Certificate in Applied Mathematics is formed by Professors Nathan Albin (Chair of the Committee and Coordinator of the Certificate program, MATH), Todd Easton (IMSE), Diego Maldonado (MATH), Virginia Naibo (MATH), Bala Natarajan (ECE), and Haiyan Wang (STAT).

Admission Requirements:

To gain admission to the Certificate program, the student must be approved for admission by the Certificate Supervisory Committee and by the Graduate School. Admission requires evidence of completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited university with minimum GPA as established by the Graduate School; or concurrent enrollment in a graduate degree program at Kansas State University or an accredited University. In instances where the graduate certificate program is not linked with a graduate degree program at Kansas State University, the student must meet the entrance requirements for graduate study, including English language proficiency requirements as specified in Chapter 1 of the Graduate School Handbook and relevant documentation must be forwarded to the Graduate School before the student can be admitted.

Application Process:

Students should apply directly to the Coordinator of the graduate certificate program, Professor Nathan Albin, who will forward the Certificate Supervisory Committee's recommendation for admission to the Graduate School.

Program Format:

The required coursework for the Certificate in Applied Mathematics consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours, including 6 credit hours in two required core mathematics courses and at least 6 additional credit hours in elective courses from various disciplines. 

Core Courses (6 credit hours)

The required core courses are

MATH 715 Applied Mathematics I | 3 credits
MATH 716 Applied Mathematics II | 3 credits

Elective Courses (minimum of 6 credit hours)

The elective courses can be chosen from MATH, IMSE, ECE, CE, and STAT, according to the following list
MATH 615 Introduction to Digital Image Processing | 3 credits
MATH 635 Dynamics, Chaos, and Fractals | 3 credits
MATH 789 Combinatorial Analysis | 3 credits
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
IMSE 881 Linear Programming | 3 credits
IMSE 882 Network Flows and Graph Theory | 3 credits
IMSE 884 Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization | 3 credits
IMSE 982 Nonlinear Programming | 3 credits
Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 840 Computer Engineering Methods for Analysis, Simulation, and Design | 3 credits
ECE 861 Noise Theory | 3 credits
ECE 963 Signal Detection Theory | 3 credits
ECE 965 Information Theory | 3 credits
Civil Engineering
CE 803 Numerical and Analytic Techniques for Engineers | 3 credits
STAT 704 Analysis of Variance | 2 credits
STAT 705 Regression and Correlation Analysis | 2 credits
STAT 710 Sample Survey Methods | 2 credits
STAT 713 Applied Linear Statistical Models | 4 credits
STAT 716 Nonparametric Statistics | 2 credits
STAT 717 Categorical Data Analysis | 3 credits
STAT 720 Design of Experiments | 3 credits .
STAT 722 Experimental Design for Product Development and Quality Improvement | 3 credits
STAT 730 Multivariate Statistical Methods | 3 credits
STAT 736 Bioassay | 2 credits
STAT 745 Statistical Graphics | 3 credits